Poppy Delevingne ''misses'' having long hair.

The 32-year-old model-and-actress has had her locks chopped above her shoulders and is trying to grow it out again, but in the meantime, she spends a lot of time adding a wave to her bob by braiding it every night for a ''natural mermaid'' look in the day.

She said: ''I miss my long hair and am trying to grow it out. But even with my bob, braiding at night is key. With this length I'll do little baby braids. It probably doesn't look very good, but that's fine because I'm just going to sleep in them, but when I wake up it has that natural mermaid-esque look.

''Then I use this Wella System Professional product [Instant Energy, a dry conditioner] that's like hair energy in a can. It's kind of like a dry shampoo but it's a conditioner, and it gives your hair literally energy and life and a little bend. It's a magic product.''

In the summertime, Poppy likes to keep her make-up to a minimum because she loves letting her freckles show.

She told Harper's Bazaar online: ''I always want my freckles to show, so I really only use concealer.

''A really great friend of mine, [the model] Jess Hart has just launched her own make-up range called Luma Beauty and it's great for summer. There's these tinted moisturisers that are almost translucent so you can really see your skin beneath. There's also beautiful highlighters, cheek and lip tints and pearly eyeshadows - beautiful for summer.''

However, she won't go totally make-up free because she prefers to keep her flaws hidden.

She added: ''I think it's important to see your freckles, but I like to cover my eye bags! My favourite concealer is the Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher.''