Portia De Rossi's mother is disappointed she doesn't want children.

The 41-year-old actress, who is married to chat show queen Ellen Degeneres, feels like they're upsetting everyone, including her mother, Margaret Rogers, because they have no desire to start a family.

Asked about rumours they're going to have a child, the 'Scandal' actress said: ''Oh, I know. I know. Oh, gosh. It's just one big rumour that doesn't seem to go away, and at this point, I feel like I'm disappointing the whole of America, not just my mother. You know? It's true. The tabloids are at me. My mother's at me. I just...''

The couple, who got married six years ago, love spending time with Portia's nieces, Eva, five, and Perry, three, but are always happy to ''leave'' afterwards.

The blonde beauty told 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': ''They're adorable and we love them and we play with them, and then we leave.''

She jokingly added: ''It's supervised play, Jimmy.''

Portia also says the girls think she is a ''cool aunt.''

She said: ''One of them, the younger one, Perry, she seems to think that I'm great right now, and I'm going to enjoy that for the next couple years.''

And their older niece enjoys taking advantage of Ellen's star status.

The 'Arrested Development' star said: ''She's five, so she realises that the other aunt -- Ellen -- there's a lot of perks that go along with that. There's free stuff, there's 'meet the pop star that she wants to meet,' 12 days of giveaways, obviously...She's a pretty good aunt to have. They watch her show every day, so they've wised-up now.''