Feadz' Debut Album 'Instant Alpha' Out Now

Feadz' Debut Album 'Instant Alpha' Out Now

Feadz' debut album Instant Alpha is out now on Ed Banger Records / Because Music. The album comes fifteen years into his career and to coincide with the release he has just dropped a mind melting animated video directed by Noah Spiderman.

Feadz's music is a careful balance of urban and electronic that finds its roots in rap, freestyle, electro, techno and house, but also in more ghetto influences such as footwork, trap, baile, etc. In short, Feadz's music is quintessential Ed Banger. Instant Alpha is the result of a long journey. These 13 tracks are the expression of his hybrid and concise spirit; vivacious, electrocuted, colourful, cheeky dance music in 3 or 4 minute tracks. Joyful, unifying and open party music. 

"For me this record is a personal synthesis," Feadz comments. "It's also a response to a format where Techno doesn't have a place; for me it's a mix and a concept around DJing: there's no need to press fast-forward to find the essence of a track because I've already reduced each number to its essential emotion. Experimentation is also at the heart of each track; I've always made music with this approach: I don't start with a melody or a bass line, I start from a sonic experimentation that seems original to me and I build the track around it."