Gems Share Download Of 'Don't Cry' (Seal Cover)

Gems Share Download Of 'Don't Cry' (Seal Cover)

Today, GEMS are pleased to share their cover of Seal's classic "Don't Cry," adding their signature ethereal and romantic pop-layered shimmer. "Don't Cry" comes off the heels of GEMS' debut EP, "Medusa", released in November 2013, and is in anticipation of more things to come for the DC-based duo.

GEMS have developed their own brand of intoxicating, cinematic pop that is at once, both deeply heartbreaking and romantic. The four tracks on the "Medusa" EP weave a dark web of intimate male and female vocals, hazy guitars and lush synthesizers, with songs that are tragic, haunting, and tinged with melancholy and existential longing, and is just the start for this band on the rise.

The band are currently touring the US with Cults and My Golden Mask before hitting up SXSW this March. Expect to see GEMS in the UK soon.

GEMS' debut EP "Medusa" is available now. 

Listen to 'Don't Cry' here: