Introducing. The Fire And I

Introducing. The Fire And I

The Fire And I's second album Double Kamikaze is a blur of hectic noise, rollocking, high-octane riffs and good old fashioned rock 'n' roll released via CarCrash Records on 10th March 2014. They are one of the most intriguing alt-rock two-piece outfits to emerge from Scotland right now, take heed - they are ones to watch. The album's title track, "Double Kamikaze" has just been released as a free download

The Scottish based two piece, comprised of bassist Gordon Love and drummer Hooligan Sadikson, were originally four. However, rather than finding new members, the pair decided to keep their minimalist bass / drums set-up, sharing vocals. Their acclaimed live performances have become something of legend on the live circuit - adrenaline-fuelled, no holds barred spectacles, their tracks burst to life on stage.

This high-octane noise is felt throughout the album. Opener 'Devil Damned Thoughts' is purely instrumental, showcasing the band's love of the riff; there are hints of CKY meets That Fucking Tank - an exciting start and you can almost feel the sweat pouring from the speakers. Title track 'Double Kamikaze' could have easily have made Queens of the Stone Age's 1998 self-titled debut - unapologetic dirty rock. However, When The Fire And I calm the pace, their softer underbelly also has great potential - there are real shades of light on 'Coming Loose' akin to early Biffy Clyro's quieter moments. Nevertheless, they don't stay quiet for long, the album is pure heart-pounding alt-rock.

Since their debut album Stampede Finale, the band have been honing their sound, with their aforementioned live performances being their ace in the hole. As well as sharing a stage with Biffy Clyro, they've also headlined the T in the Park T-Break stage but now that they're ready to unveil Double Kamikaze, they plan to tour the UK in March before heading off to Europe.

Double Kamikaze will be released on CarCrash Records on 10th March 2014.