Jupiter Lion Announces New Album 'Silver Mouth' Released 5 August 2013

Jupiter Lion Announces New Album 'Silver Mouth' Released 5 August 2013

Hotly tipped psych outfit, Jupiter Lion, release their debut album, 'Silver Mouth', via seminal underground label, BCore this summer. This special edition release will include remixes of their single, 'Black Mouth' by their drummer, DJ Gonzo in Vegas, another by The Welfare State plus a remix of 'Silver Constellation' by the renowned Valencia production duo Phat & Zkinny.

Gigging since 2011, the mercurial trio keep their ears to the pulsing beat of seventies acts like Tangerine Dream and Can and an eye on a shiny, psychedelic future. In the eighties, Valencia was to Spain what Ibiza was to the rest of Europe-a city full of all-night party people, and the music and drugs that kept them awake, which is for an odd setting for a new take on such a smooth "motorik beat." Jupiter Lion wasn't inspired by the sound of Krautrock so much as its experimental approach, much like bands such as Holy Fuck and Zombie Zombie, but what they share with bands like Neu! is an avoidance of both Anglo-American mainstream, as well as the pop on the Spanish airwaves.

Despite Jupiter Lion's propulsive beats, no computers were harmed during the making of the original album-the songs were recoded live, in one take and the band also plays entirely live, with no computerized crutches. "Computers become a mediator between myself and an audience, and I end up focusing on the screen and not where I should be, on the audience and the guys," Sais the frontman explains. "For the same reason, I DJ with CDs."

Acclaimed for their "hypnotic", "cosmic", "explosive" and "slow-burning" live shows, Jupiter Lion have been named among the best bands of 2012 by Playground Magazine and favourite new band on the forums of Primavera Sound.

'Silver Mouth' is available worldwide for digital distribution on 5 August, 2013 along with their debut video for 'Black Mouth' directed by Sergio Palau using a GoPro Hero 3.

Tracks: 1. Silver Constellation / 2. Black Mouth / 3. Krokodil / 4. The Death of Dallas / 5. Venus and Uranus / 6. Bellicec / 7.  Black Mouth  - Gonzo in Vegas Folk Remix / 8. Black Mouth - The Welfare State Remix) / 9. Silver Constellation - Phat & Zkinny Remix