Nightlands Streams New Album 'Oak Island' On Wnyc Ahead Of 21st Jan 2013 Release

Nightlands Streams New Album 'Oak Island' On Wnyc Ahead Of 21st Jan 2013 Release

Nightlands, aka Philadelphia's Dave Hartley, releases sophomore album, 'Oak Island', next week on Secretly Canadian. Listen to the record now in its entirety via WNYC Soundcheck's 'Check Ahead' series and allow Nightlands to boldly guide you on a journey through lush forests down into The Uncanny Valley.

Throughout 10 songs about sadness and love, each distorted, silver-voiced melody is wrapped in the warm sounds of 70s AM gold - plucked acoustic guitars, trumpets, dulcimers and hand percussion - resulting in the faded feelings that tide in and out of you when conjuring the past. Nightlands proves through 'Oak Island''s individuality and confident vision that this is not merely a simple side project, but a creation that stands on its own. It's Seals & Croft produced by mid-70s beetle-voiced Brian Eno, Crosby, HAL and Nash. 

Hear this magic concoction for yourself, stream 'Oak Island' over on WYNC:

When not backing John Cale on late night TV, owning it on bass with The War On Drugs, landing new high scores among the pinball elite throughout Philly or scribbling deep thoughts on the NBA for a variety of outlets, Dave has been hard at work on the new Nightlands live show Stateside. Following on from performing an original score for '2001: A Space Odyssy' last month, Nightlands will tour North America this March with Efterklang. Find details for this on Secretly or Nightland's site. More info is to follow on UK and European shows.

'Oak Island' is released on Secretly Canadian 21st Jan in the UK and Europe.

'Oak Island' tracklisting 

01. Time & Place 

02. So Far So Long 

03. You're My Baby 

04. Nico 

05. So it Goes 

06. Born to Love 

07. I Fell In Love With a Feeling 

08. Rolling Down The Hill 

09. Other Peoples Pockets 

10. Looking For Rain

More info on Nightlands is here.