Yonderboi Announces New Album 'Passive Control' Released June 24th 2013

Yonderboi Announces New Album 'Passive Control' Released June 24th 2013

'I'm a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking.' (Christopher Isherwood: Berlin Diary, 1930)

The author of unique and acknowledged albums "Shallow and Profound" (2000) and "Splendid Isolation" (2005) is back with his new long-player which is considered to be the third, closing part of the trilogy. "Passive Control" is an other typical contradictory, multilayered Yonderboi title, that can be interpreted in different ways. One of them refers to nowadays constantly changing and unpredictable economical/social situation, which is witnessed by most of us helplessly, hoping that this recession-thing "gets sorted out" soon. The album's opening song "Sustainable Development" is an equally beautiful and sarcastic interpretation of this phenomenon, featuring the spoken word vocal of Edward Ka-Spel, who can be familiar already from the previous album's closing song "Even If You Are Victorious". 

The term "Passive Control" could also describe the typical mindset that social networking sites create. 

You sign up, put yourself in the little showroom, and then you WAIT. Like fishing. 

'Sometimes you throw in some bait, but secretly you hope that one day something unexpected will pull the other end of the line.'

And not just a plain theoretic observation, as the above-mentioned method was used also in practice during the creation of the album. Actually, Yonder found the album's female voice via myspace: the previously unreleased young German singer Charlotte Brandi. The goal was to create the female sequel of the rather masculine "Splendid Isolation". Like every Yonderboi album, "Passive Control" is a diverse, story-like collection of songs, with a strong personal background. The whole album has an elusive utopian feel to it, which can be explained easily by Yonder's love for obscure science fiction ever since he was a kid. Jean Giraud "Moebius" the legendary French comics artist, Russian sci-fi movie "Kin-Dza-Dza", Hungarian cult-film "Meteo", the novels of Jules Verne or cartoon series "Futurama" are just a few examples that inspired him during the making of "Passive Control". 

"One of my very favourite subjects is how they imagined today's world in the past, which was the future for them. It is funny to live in the "future" and to compare how much it didn't end up as they imagined." 

Yonder produced and mixed the entire record alone, and all the recordings were done at his home studio. His aim was to develop a more electronic and skeletonized version of the Yonderboi sound. The DIY attitude didn't stop at music, as he also shot his own photos and designed the cover himself.