British royal, Princess Anne came within nine seconds of death when a plane on which she was a passenger narrowly missed collision with an air force jet in the skies above Britain.

The Princess Royal's pilot was ordered to change course immediately yesterday (11NOV04) after it became apparent her plane and the Raf's new $90 million (GBP50 million) TYPHOON were just 5.3 kilometres (3.3 miles) apart at an altitude of 8,500 metres (28,000 feet).

A National Air Traffic Service spokesperson says, "The controller observed the Typhoon turn to cross ahead of the royal flight and immediately told the royal flight to take avoiding action."

A Buckingham Palace source comments, "The Princess Royal was informed immediately after the incident by her pilot.

"It wasn't desperately close. She simply continued with her engagements."

Anne was on her way to a royal engagement in Scotland.

12/11/2004 13:55