The Firestarter singer was slammed by animal rights activists after newspaper reports suggested he had been out riding with a hunting group near his home in Essex, England.

Members of hacker group Anonymous accused the pop star of having "a fetish for murdering animals", but Flint has now responded to the accusations in a post on The Prodigy's page, insisting that although he had been riding with his local hunt, they were engaged in trail hunting, a version of the sport which does not involve a live fox.

He also revealed he has no intention of taking part in similar events again.

"In regards to a story going around about me right now - yes I live in essex and have a couple of horses," he wrote on the social media site.

"I went riding with the local trail hunt, it was a ride out and NO ANIMALS WERE HUNTED OR KILLED, so my conscience is clear, it wasn't my thing and I won't be going again."