Pusha T says collaborating with Lauryn Hill was ''insane''.

The pair have teamed up for 'Coming Home' and Pusha, 42, could not believe it when Lauryn, 44, agreed to work with him.

Speaking to Beats 1's Ebro Darden, he said: ''I just made the request. She expressed that she likes my music, and she'd see about it. I definitely followed the queen around every- Whatever it took, and it was super important to me when she showed interest. It was just super important to me to definitely have her on it. Lauryn, her discography, it means everything. It's insane, so this wasn't about ever rushing or being on a time limit. It was just about getting the song done right and to both of our liking.''

Pusha also revealed that the song is about mass incarceration and he hopes it can help those who are locked up and their families who are waiting for them to come home.

He explained: ''This record speaks to mass incarceration. It speaks to just giving hope to those who are coming home and telling people who are locked up and behind the wall that we waiting on them, and we going to be out here as a support system when they get home.''