The 2015 Mercedes Benz S63 was driven off by an unidentified man as a friend of the 46-year-old took the motor to get gas and oil while she was filming her new show Star.

When the news broke, some people assumed Latifah was the victim of a carjacking, but the singer/actress insists the situation was blown out of proportion.

"To everyone out there who has called me, sent me messages, 'I love you, I'm fine, I was not carjacked'," she told Live! with Kelly on Tuesday (10Jan17). "I wasn't nowhere near the car. But the car was stolen from a friend of mine from a gas station."

Officers from the Fulton County Police Department established the vehicle was registered under Queen Latifah's real name, Dana Owens, and contacted her about the theft.

"I was shooting my last scene on Star and it was funny because it was a flashback scene and I'm dressed almost as 1990s Queen Latifah (when cops arrived)...," she continued.

"So he (friend) went to the gas station to put some oil and gas in my car and these guys pulled up next to my car and creeped in and jumped in my driver's seat and took off with the car. It was (so) fast, like they do this on a regular basis..."

Latifah's car was later found near an apartment complex.

"We had the car back in three hours," she said.

It is unclear if police are still searching for those responsible for the theft, one of several similar incidents reported in the Atlanta area recently.