Queen - Live At The Bowl - EMI/Parlophone, Release 25 October 2004


Live At The Bowl

Hot Space Tour 82

New Live DVD CD from Queen

EMI/Parlophone. Release 25 October 2004

We hadn't seen the footage for years, but when we looked at it we couldn't believe how good it was, we were on fire. Roger Taylor talking about the band's 1982 concert at M K Bowl which is released in its full version for the first time on DVD and CD, October 25.

Says Brian May: This is the first time the Milton Keynes night has been shown in its entirety, and I have to say we all get a kick out of it all the more amazing because we came off stage that night thinking we hadn't done ourselves justice!!! I'm proud to say It Rocks!!.

By 1982 Queen were at a peak in terms of touring and recording. They were coming off the back of two of their biggest singles Another One Bites The Dust and Under Pressure and by now they were playing more than 60 sell-out concerts a year in the biggest stadiums of the world.

They were also basking in the glory of having been the first foreign band to have toured and conquered Latin America . 1981 had seen the band play football stadiums throughout Argentina and Brazil , including two sell-out concerts at Sao Paulo 's historic Morumbi Stadium.

Such was the demand on the band to play arenas and stadiums throughout the world that they managed to play only 4 dates in the UK between

1981 1983. The M K Bowl concert was one of these and the closest they came to playing London in these 3 years. The date was originally to have been played at Arsenal football ground, but when permission was turned down, the date was switched to the M K Bowl.

It is little wonder then that by the time they reached the gig in June 1982 that the Queen touring machine was in prime condition. We just stormed through that concert, says Taylor . I'd forgotten just how tight the band was by then.

Queen On Fire Live At The Bowl is Queen at its electric best, with the band charging through 25 numbers drawn from the biggest hits and

best loved live songs Dragon Attack, Now I'm Here, Tie Your Mother Down, Sheer Heart Attack, and two versions of We Will Rock You, including the much sought after fast' version, altogether 110 minutes of live classics.

Filmed by Gavin Taylor, and only ever seen in an edited version on Channel 4's The Tube, this release has the concert restored to its original full length, amounting to an additional 47 minutes of previously unseen footage. Not

released on video, Queen On Fire Live At The Bowl, marks the first time a recording of this concert has been available to own.

I think people will be surprised, as I was, all these years later, how different the show is from the well known Queen Wembley 86 Stadium performance, says Brian May. A large percentage of the songs are differentIt kicks off with us blasting into Flash and gets very hot! The set holds up very well, and Freddie's ad-libs are something to

Queen - Live At The Bowl - EMI/Parlophone, Release 25 October 2004
Queen - Live At The Bowl - EMI/Parlophone, Release 25 October 2004
Queen - Live At The Bowl - EMI/Parlophone, Release 25 October 2004
Queen - Live At The Bowl - EMI/Parlophone, Release 25 October 2004
Queen - Live At The Bowl - EMI/Parlophone, Release 25 October 2004
Queen - Live At The Bowl - EMI/Parlophone, Release 25 October 2004

beholdthe other things I had forgotten was how much freedom we had to stretch and enjoy ourselves on the spur of the moment.

As to be expected from Queen, the release comes only after extensive restoration to the original footage and sound. Audio producers Justin Shirley-Smith and Kris Fredriksson returned to the original 24 track analogue recording and created brand new PCM stereo and DTS 5.1 surround sound mixes. Unlike the Wembley DVD project, the only mixes available were mono, so we decided to start from scratch, says Shirley-Smith. We transferred the entire concert multi-track recordings onto Pro Tools HD. Then we'd listen to each track for any imperfections, distortions or crackles and meticulously remove them. For example, there's one bit when Brian's playing piano and it's very soft so soft that when we turned it up to the level it needed to be, we just got a load of hiss. Using Pro Tools you can get rid of things like that. The actual mixing, however, was done using vintage analogue

The result, says Shirley-Smith, is a great band caught at the height of their performing years.

As with all previous releases in the Queen DVD Collection, Queen On Fire -Live At The Bowl comes with a second disc full of bonus features. The 75 minutes of extras include behind the scenes footage of preparations for the concert, together with unseen material from interviews filmed on the day with Brian May and Roger Taylor

Further interview footage shot in Munich during the European leg of this tour shows Freddie, Brian and Roger discussing the tour, the then current Hot Space album, as well as discussing the 10 year longevity of the band.

In addition, disc two provides over 35 minutes of bonus live performance from the same year, filmed at the Vienna Stadthalle in May and the final show of the tour at Tokyo 's Seibu Stadium in November.

The disc also features a photo gallery which raids the Queen photo archive in a stunning collection of rare and previously unseen shots from the 1982 tour that took the band across Europe, the US and Japan. In a real treat for Queen collectors, the gallery is displayed to a recording of the band performing Calling All Girls at that year's Tokyo concert, the very first time this track has been made available.

I feel positively knackered! says Freddie mid-way through Queen On Fire Live At The Bowl. With over 3 hours of concert footage and extras Queen On Fire Live At The Bowl is likely to leave the viewer on fire!