Queen guitarist Brian May insists he had no idea bandmate Freddie Mercury was gay - assuming the parading frontman was just flamboyant. May met the late star in 1970 but claims it was not until the 1980s that he realised the frontman's sexuality - because Mercury began to bring men with "that particular Adonis look" backstage. He recalls, "When I shared a room with him on tour in the early days I can assure you it was girls who generally stayed overnight. "But he seemed to be what these days you would call metrosexual. He was into his hair, his clothes - he definitely led the way with regard to preening." But the 60-year-old is adamant the singer - who died of AIDS complications in 1991 - was much shyer than his strutting onstage persona. He adds, "We all were - and Freddie was probably more shy than any of us. His way of coping was to act like a god on stage."