Quentin Tarantino's final movie will be ''epilogue-y''.

The 56-year-old director - who previously revealed that his tenth movie will be the final project of his legendary career - has teased details of the much-hyped film.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Tarantino explained: ''If you think about the idea of all the movies telling one story, and each film is like a train boxcar connected to each other, ['Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'] would sort of be the big show-stopping climax of it all. And I could imagine that the tenth one would be a little more epilogue-y.''

'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' starred the likes of Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio.

And Brad recently revealed he relished the experience of working with the legendary filmmaker.

He shared: ''Quentin just keeps a really fresh vibe going, just a lot of talk about film, a lot of laughs and telling stories in between takes.

''And then we get pretty good takes.''

The acclaimed actor also admitted he enjoyed working with DiCaprio.

Reflecting on his on-set experience with the Hollywood superstar, he said: ''He's a good egg.

''Easy peasy, and I was really happy to have him to help carry the load.''