Andrews, lead singer of the doo-wop quintet Lee Andrews & the Hearts, passed away on Wednesday, aged 79. The group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania enjoyed hits in the 1950s with tracks Try the Impossible, Long Lonely Nights and Teardrops.

He left the band to go solo and later formed the group Congress Alley with his wife Jacquelin Thompson, and they brought their son Ahmir Khalib Thompson, known as Questlove, to their shows, inspiring his music career.

Questlove, joint frontman and drummer of The Roots, the house band for U.S. program The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, wrote an emotional tribute to his father on Instagram alongside a slideshow video showing images from Andrews' time with the Hearts.

"The Greatest Teacher in my life, my dad Lee Andrews June 2nd 1936-March 16 2016. I love you," he writes. "For every backstage experience. For every drum lesson. For giving me your tireless work ethic. For our father & son record binging expeditions (sic)...

"For the look on your face when I told you 'imma give this rap thing a try'... For the look on your face 5 years later when I told you 'you don't have to work no more'... For bringing my mom & my sister into my life. For the years we fell out. For the years we put it back together."

Questlove, 45, wrote that above all else he loves his father most for the last two conversations they had before he passed, due to an undisclosed illness.

He concludes, "I understand why you were so hard on me praying I didn't succumb to a fate not meant for a teenager in west philly in the mid 80s. I didn't understand it at the time. But I appreciate it now. I hope (sister) Donn & I do you proud."