Rachel McAdams went ''undercover'' to research her role in 'Disobedience' - but was quickly found out.

The 39-year-old actress appears in the drama as Esti, who rekindles her affair with Ronit (Rachel Weisz) and though she wanted to experience the Orthodox Jewish community without being detected, people soon realised who she was but gave her a very warm welcome.

She said: ''I went undercover in the Orthodox Jewish community in Los Angeles, but it didn't go so well... People were very warm and helpful though.

''They recognised me right away and, by the following day, everyone knew about everywhere I went But they were very kind and I was even invited to a beautiful Shabbat dinner.''

The movie is based in North London so the Canadian star also spent a lot of time doing her research in the UK.

She said: ''I did a lot of research that took me all over London. I went to the deli, bakery and local supermarket and everyone was welcoming, no question was taboo.

''The experts on the Jewish community who worked with us were incredible, they shared information on the culture and their homes.

''I also hosted a book club, focusing on the novel the film is based on and I cooked traditional Jewish meals.''

Rachel had a ''fascinating'' time researching the movie.

She told Psychologies magazine: ''It was a fascinating exploration, which was part of the reason why I was drawn to the film, it's a community that the world knows very little about. They're so tight-knit, which is such a beautiful part of it.''