Rachel McAdams doesn't want to ''stay safe'' with her career.

The 'Disobedience' actress is keen to push herself out of her comfort zone with her work and loves the unpredictable nature of her job.

She said: ''I'm always looking to take on roles that push me further than I might like to go. I don't want to repeat myself and stay safe. One of the things I love about acting is how I never know exactly where a character is going to take me.''

When it comes to choosing her projects, the 39-year-old actress wants to find a ''connection'' to the character.

She said: ''I've never worried about [playing determined women]. I've worked on serious dramas, such as 'A Most Wanted Man' and I also played a nasty woman who tormented Owen Wilson in 'Midnight in Paris'.

''I judge projects by the people involved and the quality of the writing. As long as I feel a connection to the character, I'm willing to play almost any role. Something either clicks in your head or it doesn't.''

The 'Notebook' actress is a ''romantic'' and enjoys working on love stories.

She told Psychologies magazine: ''I do have a romantic side. I enjoy stories that explore the nature of human relationships and especially what makes people want to be together and how they manage to stay together.

''Love is such a precious and beautiful thing, but it seems so hard for people to sustain their love and appreciation for each other. I'm just fascinated by films that offer insights into that process.''