Rami Malek is moving to London after ''falling in love'' with the city.

The 'Bohemian Rhapsody' star had so much fun filming his scenes as Freddie Mercury in the hit movie that he is considering getting a place in England's capital.

Speaking to reporters, he said: ''We've been able to share this with Brian May and Roger Taylor and, shooting here [in London] was honestly one of the best things I've ever done in my life. I got to go from Abbey Road Studios, Air Studios. See all of London and fall in love with it to a point where I'm now looking for a place to live here.''

Rami admits he found it ''so daunting'' meeting Queen legends Brian and Roger for the first time and he was so overwhelmed he found it ''difficult'' to talk.

He admitted: ''It is unreal for me. When I first met them, I have met a lot of actors, and there are a few actors that really throw me, where it's difficult to open my mouth around. For the most part, I can hold my own, but those two guys, it was so daunting talking to them at first. And to think that now we have this casual relationship, it is beyond anything I ever thought could happen. Thank you to Queen. Thank you to Freddie Mercury. I am forever in their debt.''

Rami was initially anxious about the challenge of playing Freddie.

He confessed: ''Every part of me was terrified. But then, what are you going to do? It's an opportunity of a lifetime. I couldn't pass it up ... I was very cognisant of not wanting to imitate him or impersonate him at all. I started to think about how everything he did was spontaneous, in the moment. He is someone who lived every moment as if it was his last, I feel. I think that's what makes him so gorgeous. He's so authentic, and I wanted to be that authentic on stage, so I tried never to just copy his moves. I wanted them to spring from me as if they were happening to him.''