Randy Jackson says 'American Idol' was blessed with talent.

The popstar search show has made huge stars of singers including Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood and former judge Randy believes the programme was lucky to get such gifted people auditioning.

He told Rolling Stone: ''We got blessed with all the talent that we went out and found, from Adam Lambert to Carrie Underwood to Kelly Clarkson to Jennifer Hudson to Fantasia Barrino to Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken to Chris Daughtry. I'd like to give us props for doing that because we knew what we were after, what we were looking for, and we were in a little bit of a different position because we'd been in the industry so long and knew the industry so well and had made so many records.''

Randy also praised the show for giving people another way into the music industry.

He said: '''Idol' came, and I think for a lot of people that had been banging their head against the wall, trying to get in the industry, I think it showed them another way in. It became an option. It doesn't work for everyone, and it didn't work for everyone who won on 'Idol', but for the most part, it worked greatly for those that it did work for. It's a choice. You can seek it out and you can be like an indie rapper and some indie alternative band and you get out that way, or you can decide to go for the big mothership and join one of these shows and be thrust in front of millions of people every night and hope that they love you. But I say, you gotta be ready for that. The people who won and did well must've been really ready for their spotlight.''