The widow of late THE ADDAMS FAMILY star Raul Julia is considering digging up the actor's body to prove a man claiming to be his lovechild is an imposter. MEREL JULIA (corr) has been fighting 34-year-old actor/producer RAUL JULIA-LEVY's claims he is her late husband's secret son since 1996. And now she's thinking about exhuming her husband's body for a DNA test, which will prove Levy is not for real. She tells US tabloid the Globe, "I'll pay for it... Let's do it. "Since 1996, I have been aware of an imposter claiming to be the son of my late husband. His real name is SALVADOR ALBA FUENTES." But Levy insists he's not making up his family links: "My mother never lied to me about who my father was. I never wanted anything from my father or his wife. "Privately, Raul and I were very close. I loved him and he loved me." Attorneys for both Levy and Julia are now in discussions about digging up the actor for a comprehensive DNA test.