Rebecca Hall and Morgan Spector have announced they are expecting their first child.

The 'Iron Man 3' actress and the 'Boardwalk Empire' star posted 'His and Hers' pictures on Instagram on Monday (01.01.17), posing in front of a window in a black vintage T-Shirt with Rebecca holding her baby bump.

The 35-year-old actress told her followers: ''Whole lot of 'new' coming with this New Year...wishing you and yours a 2018 full of joy, magic, hope, wonder and all those other joyful hopeful new-start words. HAPPY NEW YEAR (sic)''

She credited both the baby and the photograph to Morgan.

Morgan, 37, posted a recreation of the same picture on his Instagram account with him apparently wearing the same T-Shirt and holding his 'baby bump'.

He joked: ''As the bearer of the first fruitful male womb i'm asking everyone to just be cool for the next hundred or so years (sic)''

Rebecca and Morgan met in 2013 while co-starring in a Broadway revival of Sophie Treadwell's 'Machinal', and are thought to have married in September 2015.

The couple worked together again in the play 'Animal' in June 2017.

Rebecca is the daughter of the American opera singer Maria Ewing and the British theatre director Sir Peter Hall, who died in September 2017 aged 86.

Speaking in June 2017, Rebecca called herself a ''well-educated child of divorce'', and admitted she didn't think she would ever get married.

She then went on to say, ''And then it came up, and it felt, like, absolutely that's what I want...

''If you are born of things that are disparate, and you are a bit nomadic and your life is a hodgepodge of beautiful, loving chaos, you can end up going through a large chunk of your life thinking that's what you need, or that is what makes you comfortable.

''And I feel really lucky that I had some sort of realisation that, actually, I needed an anchor. And I got married, and I realised this is what I have been craving.''

Rebecca previously dated director Sam Mendes.