Rebecca Hall was ''star-struck'' by Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The 31-year-old actress plays Dr Maya Hansen in 'Iron Man 3' alongside Robert as the titular superhero and Gwyneth as his love interest Pepper Potts and Rebecca admitted she signed up for the movie in order to work with them.

She told Elle Canada: ''It was the opportunity to act with Downey and Paltrow. They're very witty and good sparring partners. I am completely star-struck by Hollywood and the machinery of it. I've done studio movies before, but green screen, the's a whole other scale, and you can't help but be infected by the excitement.''

Rebecca also claimed she isn't allowing fame to change her and says she loves staying at home to read or having a party with her friends.

She said: ''I'm the type of person who loves to stay in and read a book. I'm also the person who likes to play music very loudly, have a party and DJ and dance.''

''People around me seem to think my career is a video game with so many levels. But I don't - I'm carrying on my life exactly the same. I think celebrity and fame are only apparent to everyone looking at you.''