Rebel Wilson had to be ''medically rescued'' from the top of a mountain when she ''forgot'' how to ski.

The 38-year-old actress took a vacation in Aspen, Colorado, in December and admitted her lessons weren't going so well, so she asked to use the chairlift that had got her to the top of the slope in order to get back down again.

She recalled: ''I skied for about 100 feet. [The instructor] was like, 'Okay, you just have to ski down now.' And I was like, 'Aww, I don't know...'

''They said, 'Okay, now you have to go down the hill.' And I said, 'Can I just get the chairlift back? 'Cause that's like a ride. That seems pretty fun.' ''

Eventually, ski patrol were called out to tow the 'Isn't It Romantic' star back down the mountain on a yellow sled - and it proved to be an even scarier experience for the actress.

Appearing on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', she explained: ''This lovely gentleman Scott came and rescued me in a sled but he said in order to get enough speed to get to the bottom, we have to go off the side of a cliff. So that ended up being more scary than actually skiing.

''I was freaking out. I lost my poles, I lost my s**t going down on this little sled.''

However, Rebel still had a good time on her vacation, with her highlights including watching New Year fireworks with Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn and their family and a night out with Mariah Carey, though the 'Fantasy' hitmaker - who is known for her diva antics - almost stopped them being able to get into the Caribou Club when she allegedly refused to comply with security's request they put their coats in the cloakroom.

Rebel explained: ''Mariah's like, 'No, my coat is part of the outfit. No.' And it's freezing cold outside the club so we really wanted to get in!

''At the end of the day, she did what is best for the group and we got in. She's a team player. But she's such an awesome lady. And then inside the club they started playing her songs 'cause she's in there. We were like, 'Yeah!' dancing. So it turned out alright.''