Renée Zellweger has a much ''quieter life'' since returning to the spotlight.

The 'Bridget Jones' Diary' star decided to take six years away from fame and since coming back, she has realised she has an easier and quieter life.

She said: ''Six years. It was important, that time. You're not in people's consciousness anymore, so they don't immediately make the connection. It's a quieter life, and I love it.''

And Renée had a tough year when she decided to take her break but is feeling much stronger now and ready to take any criticism head on.

She told The Times magazine: '''The rose doesn't bloom all year ... unless it's plastic.' I got it. Because what does that mean? It means that you have to fake that you're OK to go and do this next thing. And you probably need to stop right now, but this creative opportunity is so exciting and it's once in a lifetime and you will regret not doing it. But actually, no, you should collect yourself and, you know ... rest. Nothing like international humiliation to set your perspective right! It clarifies what's important to you. And it shakes off any sort of clingy superficiality ... that you didn't have time for anyway. One of the fears that maybe, as artists, we all share - because we have this public experience of being criticised not just for our work but as human beings - is when it gets to be too much, when you learn that your skin is not quite as thick as you need it to be, what is that gonna feel like? Well, now I know. I got the hardest kick. And it ain't the end.''