People often recognise the Brit as a famous actor, but most then go one step too far and mistake him for Australian Jackman.

Armitage used to bush off the identity mix up, but a recent encounter in his local grocery store left him more than a little red-faced.

"I was in the local store where I buy my apples every day," he tells WENN, "and this woman had a little freak out. This was just the other day.

"I think it's because I let my beard grow before I started doing the play that I'm in (Love, Love, Love) and she had a little moment. She started getting a little itchy and a bit flustered.

"I had to be like, 'Don't worry love, it's fine, I'm not him. Just sell me my apples. I'm the other one!'"

Richard is the star of new TV spy thriller Berlin Station, in which he portrays an undercover CIA agent in the German city, and some fans are now suggesting he should be in the running to play the next James Bond.

The actor has heard the buzz, but jokes he has yet to be contacted by Bond boss Barbara Broccoli.

"The Broccoli's haven't called me yet!" he laughs. "I think maybe I'm the wrong side of 40 for that character."

Armitage turned 45 in August (16).