Richard Curtis feels ready to retire from directing.

The 56-year-old filmmaker - who directed 'Love Actually' in 2003 - is convinced he'll continue working in the film industry, but admits his latest offering 'About Time' will be the last movie he directs as he wants to explore other options.

Speaking at the premiere for the science fiction rom-com in London last night (08.08.13), he told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I have said that I'm not sure I'll direct another movie, because they take a lot of time.

''And this movie is about seeing whether you can spend your time in as delightful a way as possible ... I don't know. When you see the film - three members of my family have died since I last made a movie.

''I'm very aware of the mix of good and bad in life and I think I've done a lot of work on the movies - and maybe it's time that I try and walk in the park a bit more.''

Meanwhile, Bill Nighy - who plays Tim's father in the movie - is hoping that 'About Time' - which also stars Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson - isn't the end of Curtis' career, but understands why he wants to step away from the director's chair.

He said: ''I hope it's not true. I don't blame him if it is true. I mean, the film itself kind of ... encourages people to enjoy the simple things in life and try and be relaxed and happy about that which is important.''