The guitarist previously announced he would not be seeking legal action against Lund after prosecutors in Los Angeles closed their investigation into her claims, determining a police report she filed in Los Angeles last month (Apr15), accusing the guitarist of threatening her life after they split, was a misunderstanding.

But the lawmakers have re-opened the investigation into her allegations following the discovery of audio which appears to back up her story, and now Sambora, who dated singer and designer Lund on and off from 2012, has revealed he has been paying her millions to stop her and publicist Sean Borg from going public with claims he threatened them.

The rocker claims his ex followed through with her threat to go public with her story when he stopped paying her silence money in March (15), adding she illegally and secretly recorded a phone conversation with him and then heavily edited the tape to make it appear he was threatening to kill her.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by, Sambora's relationship with Lund fell apart after he invested $4 million (GBP2.7 million) into their joint fashion venture NikkiRich, and she allegedly mismanaged his cash.

Sambora is suing Lund and Borg for extortion, defamation and illegally recording a phone call.