Rocker Rick Parfitt secretly despises his Status Quo bandmates, especially FRANCIS ROSSI - the star's ex-wife PATTY PARFITT has claimed.
Patty insists the friendly banter the guitarist shares with frontman Rossi on stage is just for show - because deep down, Parfitt can't stand him.
She tells Britain's The Mail on Sunday newspaper, "The other members of the band are sick of Rick and the feeling's mutual.
"He and Francis are like an old married couple. Francis knows Rick is like an old woman, always complaining about everything, but he tolerates him and has a real affection for him.
"But Rick can't stand Francis. Francis came to visit Rick in hospital after he'd had a heart bypass in 1998. Later Rick told me, 'Bloody Rossi, he's the last person I'd want to see if I was dying.'"
Parfitt and Patty met in 1968. They eventually married in 1988 and had an on/off relationship before splitting for good in 2006.