Rick Parfitt has quit Status Quo.

The 68-year-old guitarist has called time on his performances with the rockers after nearly 50 years, just four months after he suffered a serious heart attack following their show in Turkey and ''died for several minutes''.

When asked if he will play with the group again, he said: ''No. I don't think I really want to. In my heart I'm a rocker, I've always been. If I'm going to make music it's got to rock.

''There would probably have been room for me if I decided I wanted to, but I'm not a great fan of the whole acoustic malarkey. It doesn't float my boat. What I am disappointed in is missing the last of the band's electric shows.''

While Rick will still be involved in the band's business activities, he has been replaced by Richie Malone for their tours but the veteran rocker won't be in attendance.

Quizzed on whether he will still be at their electric shows, he added: ''That wouldn't be a good move. Some fans would think, 'If you're well enough to be here then you're well enough to play.'

''Plus, standing there in the audience ... no, I don't think I could do that, but I do wish Richie Malone all the best. He's a f***ing good little player and it must be all of his dreams come true.''

Rick admits he still hasn't ''fully recovered'' but did recently pass his driving test.

He added to Classic Rock magazine: ''I would say that I'm fully recovered. As the weeks pass I'm better and better. I don't know whether I will be able to improve on that because I feel as well as I did when I fell over.

''So I can't complain. I've just passed my driving test - which was incredibly stressful at my age - but I'm mobile again now, so that's a big difference.''

After suffering his third heart attack in Turkey, Rick admitted he was terrified he might ''drop dead'' on stage one day.

He said: ''I'm just aware of the nervousness I get before I go on stage. It does pump your heart slightly when you start to pace up and down the room, and you're about to go in front of thousands of people. Obviously it's going to have some effect on you.

''I do not want to tax myself in any way. I've been told medically not to. So whether it's a full gig or a cameo I'd still get fairly nervous and I do not want to get out on stage and drop dead in front of the fans. I do not want to do that.''

The full interview will appear in Classic Rock magazine's December issue.