Ricky Gervais' partner called him a ''fat idiot'' when he said he wanted to buy a vineyard.

The 57-year-old comedian has been in a relationship with partner Jane Fallon since 1984, but the 'Derek' star didn't quite get the reaction he expected after revealing his latest investment idea.

He tweeted ''Just told Jane I was thinking of buying a vineyard. I assumed she'd say something like 'that's a brilliant idea and exactly what I'd expect from a megastar genius and comedy legend like you Rick'. Imagine my surprise when all she said was 'fat idiot'.(sic)''

The 'Office' star was flooded with replies, including famous friends like 'Night At The Museum' star Patrick Gallagher, who thought Jane had inadvertently come up with a great brand idea.

He replied: ''Fat Idiot...sounds like a good name for the wine to me ..I'd buy it.'' (sic)

Meanwhile, author Jane has previously revealed the secret to the pair's 24-year happy relationship is separate bathrooms.

She said: ''To paraphrase Joan Collins, separate bathrooms is the secret to a happy relationship - separate bedrooms would be a disaster though!

''Other than that I don't really know; it sounds pathetic, but you just have to get on. You've got to be friends, and you have to be able to laugh - I just don't understand couples that aren't friends. Otherwise, what's the point?

''I also find it very odd when people have separate friends and want to do everything separately.

''We're not married because neither of are fussed. I think if one of us really cared then we would probably do it but it's not really been anything that either of us have ever really needed.''