Rihanna was deeply affected by Kobe Bryant's death.

The 31-year-old singer and fashion designer was devastated to hear about the basketball player's death, along with his daughter Gianna and seven others, in a helicopter crash earlier this month and she admitted that it has also made her reassess her own life.

She told Entertainment Tonight: ''Every time I see a helicopter, it's just like - as an entertainer, we travel so much, like, in your mind, it could have been any of us. My heart breaks, my heart goes out to Vanessa Bryant and the entire Bryant family and all of the families that lost people that day. It's a tragedy and I think it's something that the world will never really get over.

''To see him play, there's just something that comes over him, that you just can't even - it's not even tangible. You can't even understand it. It was beautiful to see his career. It was beautiful to see him play - and I actually got to witness him playing - but it makes it even more tragic to lose him.''

Meanwhile, Ireland Baldwin recently admitted Bryant's death changed the way she sees her relationship with her father.

The 24-year-old model - whose dad is 'Saturday Night Live' star Alec Baldwin - revealed how the late basketball icon's tragic death made her reassess her priorities.

She said': ''[In light] of recent events that have happened within the last couple of weeks, like with Kobe, it's like, 'What's the f***ing point of arguing?'

''Like, there's no point. So let's all just get over it and hug that person you love.

''You never know what's going to happen to somebody, and it all comes down to love. Nothing else matters.''