Rip Torn, the 79-year-old American actor best known for his role in the sci-fi action movie 'Men In Black', has been given a two-and-a-half year suspended sentence and three years of probation after admitting to breaking into a bank whilst drunk, reports BBC News. The actor was arrested back in January 2010 after police found him inside the 'Bancorp' bank in Connecticut - he was also carrying a loaded gun.
The 79-year-old pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, criminal mischief, and the illegal carrying of a firearm, but was spared a prison sentence. However, the conditions of his probation include random drug and alcohol tests, as well as a ban on the possession of a gun. During the hearing, prosecutors said that the actor believed he was at home when authorities found him in the bank, such was the level of his intoxication. He had also left his hat and shoes at the door of the building.
Torn's lawyer said that the actor was thankful that he had been spared prison and was pleased that nobody had been hurt in the incident. The actor was nominated for an ACADEMY AWARD in 1984 for his supporting role in the movie 'Cross Creek'. He later went on to win an EMMY AWARD for his performances on the US sitcom 'The Larry Sanders Show.