Rita Ora claims she looks like Post Malone without make-up on.

The 'Anywhere' hitmaker shocked her fans when she dressed up as the tattooed rapper for the Kiss Haunted House party concert in London last October but she claims her transformation didn't require much effort.

Shown a picture of herself as Post, she said: ''That's literally me with no make-up, all that happened was they drew some face tattoos and I put a wig on and had no make-up touch ups, so that's scarily what I look like in real life.''

Despite her dramatic transformation, the 28-year-old singer was stunned when the audience didn't recognise her.

She told talk show host Jimmy Fallon: ''I literally did a concert and they didn't clap because they were like 'Who is this weird human being on stage?'

''I had to talk in the mic and still they didn't believe me and then I had to sing and they were like 'OK, we believe her.' ''

With a world tour on the horizon, Rita is already planning another impersonation.

Asked who she'll dress up as at the concerts, she quipped to Jimmy: ''You, I feel like a suit and a tie.''

Following her Halloween transformation, Rita is keen to secure a collaboration with Post on her next record.

She said: ''Apart from how obsessed I am with him, yes I would love to do a collaboration with Post Malone.''

Meanwhile, Rita teamed up with Ed Sheeran to write 'Your Song', a track on her latest album 'Phoenix', and she joked she thinks he ''poos'' songs because he works so quickly, much to her delight.

She said: ''The thing with working with Ed is like he poos out songs, it's the craziest thing ,how quick he writes songs.

''We did it in two hours and then we went to the pub, which is what we both like. My dad owns a pub so we just went and had a beer, it was super fun.''