The Hollywood couple has been married for 27 years, but its world was rocked when the 59-year-old singer/actress was diagnosed with breast cancer in April last year (15).

Thankfully, the stars were still able to share a joke even in the darkest of times, as she underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

"We actually managed to laugh a lot," she told USA Today, adding it is something they have been able to do throughout their union.

Rita and Tom, also 59, have two children together, Chester and Truman, and they have always strived to make their marriage work, despite any hurdles which may come their way.

"Part of it is that Tom and I weren't babies when we met," she explained. "And my parents infused in me a great sense of commitment, and the importance of family. Tom came from broken marriages on both sides of his family, and I think he was really seeking that. And we both want to be married; you make it work because you really want it to work."

Rita is now cancer-free but continues to speak out on the importance of getting a second opinion if anyone is concerned about their health.

"It's not just getting a second opinion from your doctor that's important, but to also seek a second opinion on the test results themselves," she told America's Today show on Monday (07Mar16). "In my case, I got a second opinion on my pathology, because that pathology had come in that it was negative. I just had that gut (feeling), a girlfriend of mine who'd had breast cancer twice suggested getting a pathology second opinion and that was really the thing that made all the difference."