The Hollywood couple has been married for 28 years, and Tom admits Rita is responsible for many of his style choices, because she will always let him know if something doesn't look good.

Asked about the best piece of advice he had ever received from his wife, Tom, 60, quipped to Entertainment Tonight, "'Go change... change that! Get out of that! Go back in your closet, you're not wearing that tonight!'"

Reminiscing about one beloved piece of sports memorabilia Rita had outlawed, he recalled, "I used to have this thing that - I loved it - was a baseball jersey from Japan, it said Nerima on it. It was great! It had pin stripes, it was old, it said Nerima, which is I guess a neighbourhood in Tokyo. And she actually started warning me in advance, 'This is a non-Nerima event we are going to tonight.' It used to make me mad but now I've come to accept it."

And Rita admits she has been vetoing pieces from his closet for years, because otherwise Tom would never have moved on from the outfits of his teenage years.

"When we first started dating he had clothes that he had had since 9th grade!" she laughed.

The couple's sweet joint interview took place at the Los Angeles premiere of Hanks' new film, Inferno, on Tuesday night (25Oct16), on the eve of Rita's 60th birthday.

ET reporter Carly Steel surprised the actress with a cake to mark her age milestone, justifying the dessert by insisting it was already her birthday in Florence, Italy, where much of the Ron Howard film is set.