The actress has enjoyed success with her singing career, but she gained a new confidence after performing with the You're So Vain star.

During an interview with the hosts of U.S. chat show The Talk on Monday (28Mar16), Rita showed off a photo of her sitting alongside Carly, and revealed they became wedding singers.

"That was an impromptu thing," she explained. "It was at a girlfriend's wedding at Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts). Carly lives there. She was invited as a guest and she wanted to sing and there was a band up there, but she has been well known for having stagefright. So she asked if I would get up on the stage and sing with her.

"So we went up and worked on one of her songs, Devoted to You, and we sang that and it was kinda like (nerve-wracking). But the good thing was that we were both wearing light blue, so it looked like we kind of planned it."