Rob Kardashian is launching a new clothing line named Halfway Dead.

The 32-year-old reality star - who already has the sock range Arthur George - has collaborated with Diamond Supply Co. founder Nick Tershay to design an exclusive streetwear range that will retail solely online to maintain its exclusivity.

Tershay said: ''It's definitely a skateboard brand but I would say more streetwear than Diamond is because Diamond's pretty core skate.

''Halfway Dead is a little more expensive because we're doing some higher end cut-and-sew pieces and it's online only. We're not selling to any retailers.''

The unisex brand - which was modelled by Rob's half-sister Kylie Jenner on Instagram earlier this week - includes T-shirts ($38), hoodies ($125) and sweatpants ($100) and Nick has stressed that the label's garments will be ''really limited'', with only a few pieces produced of each item.

He added: ''Most of the items are really limited so we're not going to make enough for retail partners to order.

''It's really something we wanted to do, limited edition with not very many pieces made. We're going to be designing and making so much stuff that I feel like we can release it faster this way.''

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star and Nick came up with the name Halfway Dead because it represents the ''balance of all things''.

He told WWD: ''We actually made a quote for [the brand]. What we wrote down is 'Halfway Dead is the balance of all things: happy and sad, winning and losing, life and death.' It's your middle ground feeling, right? You're not alive or dead.''

But the designer insisted they are not trying to make the brand the ''biggest in the world'' because of the super limited-edition pieces that are being sold.

He continued: ''Everyone's excited and it's fun. It's really just a fun passion project of us coming together.

''With direct-to-consumer I feel like even if we're not selling as much product as, say, Diamond, being direct-to-consumer the profit margin is way higher. But we're not really trying to make it the biggest brand in the world. Everything's really limited.''