Robbie Williams has praised the ''most incredible human being'' who carried his third child.

The 'Angels' singer and his wife Ayda Field welcomed daughter Coco - a sister for Teddy, six, and four-year-old Charlie - into the world last September via a surrogate after experiencing fertility problems and though he had never thought about having a child that way, he's thankful they did and won't rule out expanding their brood again in the future.

He said: ''We started trying and then nothing worked. We tried everything but the only option left to us was surrogacy, which was something I never thought about, but the lady we chose is the most incredible human being.

''Coco is fully biologically ours and she's a beautiful, special kid. Who knows, we may have more. There is still the chance of a Robbie Williams football team.''

The 45-year-old pop star admitted he was initially reluctant to have a third child because he was so satisfied with his ''perfect'' family unit but relented when he saw how devastated his decision had made his wife.

He told Event magazine: ''We had Teddy and I fell in love. Then we had Charlie and it's a cliché but I would think of the words in my song 'Feel' when I sing, 'I just wanna feel real love, feel the home that I live in', and I knew I was now really feeling that. For the first time in my life. And then I said, 'This is perfect. Now we stop.' Ayda wanted more but I said, 'No, this is perfect.'

''I kept saying no because I thought I didn't want to push things. And then I was in the car with Ayda. We stopped at a set of traffic lights and a woman walked past with a pram and I saw Ayda's face crumple. That was it for me. I thought, 'What am I doing? I love this woman. Why am I saying no?' ''

That isn't the first time Ayda has changed Robbie's mind as the former Take That singer admitted he never wanted to get married until he fell for the 40-year-old actress.

He said: ''Ayda didn't save me. I was OK when I met her. I was sober. I was drug-free. But she did change me. For the better.

''She broke my greatest commandment, 'Thou shall not wed'. I met her and I wanted to marry her.

''She wanted kids. I didn't want kids because I didn't think I'd be a good enough father. I was too much of a kid myself and I thought if we had kids all these people would start invading my space: family, children, invaders.''