Robin Thicke's girlfriend April Love Geary suffered a miscarriage before falling pregnant with their daughter Mia.

The 23-year-old model - who is currently expecting the couple's second child - gave birth to Mia six months ago, and has now revealed that before she fell pregnant with the tot, she had tragically lost a baby through a miscarriage.

When asked during an Instagram Story Q&A if she was ''scared'' by the possibility of miscarrying, April said: ''I had one before Mia. But I'm not scared, worrying or stressing out too much isn't good for the baby. Life happens and we can't control everything.''

April and the 'Blurred Lines' hitmaker revealed earlier this week they are expecting a second child together, when they shared a video of young Mia holding a sonogram with the caption: ''Well someone is going to be a big sister next year! We're so excited to share with y'all that I'm expecting again! (sic)''

But it wasn't long before the brunette beauty was facing criticism online from trolls who blasted her and Robin, 41, for not getting married before starting a family together.

Blasting back at the haters on her Instagram story, April wrote: ''Why are women so obsessed with telling me I need a ring? Getting married is the easy part, seeing how you are together AFTER having babies is the hard part.

''We're in 2018. Not in the 1950's. Women don't NEED to get married before having babies. Ya'll need to chill (sic).''

The couple's second baby is due on March 10, 2019, which will be Robin's 42nd birthday, and they will find out whether they are expecting a brother or sister for Mia over the weekend.

April added: ''We find out Saturday if it's a boy or a girl! What do you guys think it's going to be? Forgot to mention the due date is Robins birthday! (sic)''