Robin Thicke and April Love Geary were reportedly involved in a car accident.

The 'Blurred Lines' singer and his partner were not thought to be injured when their Escalade vehicle collided with another car near Point Dume and Zuma Beach along the Pacific Coast Highway, TMZ reports.It is believed neither Robin, April or those in the other vehicle were injured. A video shows Robin picking up pieces from his car as he directs the traffic following the incident.

Meanwhile, Robin recently revealed the passing of his father Alan Thicke in 2016 made him ''a much better, more focused man'' because he became the patriarch of his family.

He said: ''When my father passed, I became the patriarch of my family. My young 20-year-old brother, he needed a big brother, and it just felt like now I had to take it onto my shoulders to be a much better, more focused, man than I was before ... There's a feeling of, especially now that I have two daughters, I don't want them to be, when they're grown up, to not be proud of their father, and the man that I am. I want to be a father that they can be proud of.''

Robin had previously admitted he thinks his father is with him ''all the time''.

He said: ''Oh, all the time. It was funny. After the first episode that we shot, I went home and I had a mini missing him breakdown because he loved this. He loved primetime television. He loved celebrity; He was from a small mining town in Northern Ontario, Canada. So, to him, this was his dream. And when I got home I wanted to call him so bad and make him proud of me. So he's with me all the time.''