Actress Robin Tunney has become the latest Hollywood star to raise eyes and stakes at the poker table after winning a huge card showdown in Los Angeles. The star of witch drama The Craft wove her card playing magic at the Celebrity Poker Showdown last week (ends02JUN06), winning $50,000 (GBP28,000) and the chance to play with the world's greatest gamblers at next month's (JUL06) World Series of Poker. The VERTICAL LIMIT star joins the likes of Ben Affleck, Jennifer Tilly and Shannon Elizabeth, who have earned kudos from the world's top poker players for their card playing prowess. Tunney beat Elizabeth, Tilly, Kelly Hu and Christina Applegate's estranged husband Johnathon Schaech to win the invite-only Hollywood Hills tournament. During the presentation of the grand prize package, spokesperson GLENN CADEMARTORI announced that Tunney had earned a spot on Team, a group of more than a 100 up-and-coming poker players who compete at some of the most prominent poker tournaments.