Robyn thinks being a famous musician provides a ''really exciting'' contrast.

The 'Dancing On My Own' hitmaker has bared her soul on her emotional new single 'Missing U' - which deals with both a breakup and the death of a close friend - and she finds it special to be able to put those feelings out there.

She explained to NME: ''There's something really interesting about the intensity of being a celebrity or whatever, someone that people know.

''There's something really exciting about the contrast in between that and the super intimate relationship you have through the music with your fans, or the artists that you love...

''It leaves a lot of space to talk about things in a way that doesn't become private. It becomes personal, which is nice - it doesn't become private or weird. I always really enjoy that, and you know what? I think it's almost a challenge for me.''

Robyn recently released her new album 'Honey' - her first in eight years - and the 39-year-old star admitted the title track was a vital piece of the puzzle.

She added: '''Honey' was such an important part of the album, for me, because it was the song that helped me discover self-care.

''Love, and that sensual quality I felt throughout the whole album was so important.

I've been obsessed with this word for a long time, it's such a weird substance, it's both disgusting and amazing at the same time. ''That's what self-love is, it's not all good; it's self-indulgent and also requires you to be deep and look at things that aren't so comfortable.''