Rochelle Humes doesn't force her five-year-old daughter to eat foods she doesn't like.

The former Saturdays star raises girls Alaia-Mai and 17-month-old Valentina Raine with her husband Marvin Humes and like many parents they have difficulties at meal times with their kids.

Rochelle, 29, admits Alaia-Mai's tastes can change from day-to-day when it comes to what dishes and vegetables she will eat so she tends to take a relaxed approach to meal times and just serves up the same the cuisine to the entire family and doesn't put pressure on Alaia-Mai to finish her plate.

Speaking as a guest presenter on 'This Morning' on Friday (03.08.18) during a discussion themed ''Should your child be forced to eat?'', Rochelle shared: ''When it comes to eating things in my house it changes all the time. One day she hates broccoli and the next day it's her favourite thing in the world. One day the portion is too small and then it needs to be big. So it changes everyday. I don't take guidance from my five year old on eating. I just don't make a big deal out of it. My fear is to give her a complex when she's older.''

Despite the usual tribulations, Rochelle loves being a mum and recently admitted she wants to have a third child and she thinks it would be great to have a son to complete her and Marvin's family.

She said: ''There was a time when I definitely thought I would only have two children, but now I don't know. I can't imagine not having a tiny baby again. I think I'm always really broody but you've got to stop somewhere. I actually thought I was having a boy when I had Valentina. But I really wanted Alaia to have a sister, so I thought: if we only had two I'd want another little girl. I'd be the type who'd end up with eight girls trying for a boy.''