Actress RENEE ZELLWEGGER feared it was all over when she filmed a particularly tricky dance number in her new film - clad in very impractical clothing.

The CHICAGO star loved making Down With Love, a homage to the romantic 1960s comedies of Rock Hudson and Doris Day, with pal EWAN MCGREGOR - but she had a few hair-raising moments.

She explains, "I had to do a dance number where I came down a spiral staircase wearing shoes that were basically high-heeled flip-flops, and I was wearing pantyhose, so it was like dancing on banana peels.

"I put tape on the bottom of the shoes and wrapped fishing wire around my feet to keep them on. But, even so, all I was thinking throughout that dance was, 'Oh my God, I'm going to die on a hot pink staircase, dancing in black see-through lingerie'. Apart from that, everything was fine."

20/06/2003 17:10