The band's bassist and drummer spent nine months exchanging song ideas and lyrics with youths at the Road Recovery programme and No Rewind is the song that came from the initiative.

The Taylors recorded the track at New York City's Threshold Recording Studio during a stop on Duran Duran's Paper Gods tour.

"Road Recovery offers a safe, drug and alcohol-free place for young people to learn and work, and with professional guidance, introduces them to all aspects of the music business - from songwriting and performance, to the delivery of their music to fans, either live or via recordings," John Taylor writes in a statement. "The track (No Rewind) itself says a lot about Road Recovery's work and philosophy. Lyrically and thematically, it's an expression of the real concerns of sober kids."

Sales from downloads of the track will benefit Road Recovery and the rockers have created a CrowdRise campaign, offering up Duran Duran merchandise and exclusive meet-and-greets for fans who donate to the cause.