Director Roland Emmerich is preparing to depict the end of the world on the movie screen yet again, in sequels to Independence Day.
The filmmaker is currently riding high on the huge box office success of John Cusack disaster movie 2012, which took a massive haul of $225 million (£140.6 million) in its first three days of release (13-15Nov09).
Emmerich, the man behind The Day After Tomorrow and Godzilla, now plans to follow up his much-hyped epic by revisiting another of his blockbusters and reviving Will Smith's 1996 hit Independence Day for a second and third installment.
Scripts have yet to be written for the sequels, but Emmerich already has big plans.
He tells he wants to make two more Independence Day films to provide "a bigger arc", adding about the plotline, "It's always about the Earth, and the Earth gets invaded.
"One day we will do it."
Smith has yet to be linked to any Independence Day sequels.