Roland Emmerich wants to make a ''series'' of 'Independence Day' films.

The director - who helmed the 1996 alien invasion blockbuster starring Will Smith, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum - previously announced that he has begun work on two sequels, tentatively titled 'ID Forever Part 2' and 'ID Forever Part 3', but he has now suggested he would like to create more films in the franchise.

Emmerich and co-writer Dean Devlin propose that the follow-up movies would explore the mythology behind the extraterrestrial invasion seen in the first movie, opening the door for more sequels.

Speaking at the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival this past weekend, he said: ''That's actually what we talked a lot about - the mythology of why did the aliens come in the first place, what is the bigger story of this whole thing? And we talked a lot about swarm intelligence, and humans are individual intelligence. Even though we kill each other and have wars against each other, we have something special. We have this domino human spirit to believe in good and over coming enemies.

''And it's a little bit about that and when you get a bigger mythology going, I think then you have the chance to do not only one or two or three but you can create a series and that's what we want to do.''

'Independence Day' will be re-released in 3D in July.