Boyzone believe that boy bands will never stop being popular, as long as there are ''screaming girls''.

The group - which includes Ronan Keating, Shane Lynch, Keith Duffy and Mikey Graham - have claimed that they brought something ''fresh'' to the music industry when they released their first hit 'Working My Way Back to You' in 1994, and admitted that new Korean boy band sensation BTS have the same ''new angle'' that keeps the charts guessing.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Duffy said: ''Being Irish, I guess we brought something fresh, even if it was just naivety.

''It's the same for these Korean boys. It's a new angle. As long as there's teenage girls, there's going to be boy bands. They have to have someone to scream at.''

The group - who enjoyed a successful career from 1993 to 2000, before getting back together in 2007 - are releasing their final ever album, 'Thank You and Goodnight' on Friday (16.11.18), and have said that whilst being in a band can be tough, they're going to ''enjoy'' their final outing.

Lynch added: ''It's hard to keep putting your life on hold every few years. You create your own world, and then you have to undo everything, break working relationships, pull out of commitments.

''So we're gonna enjoy it, and we will enjoy hanging up those boots.''

The 'No Matter What' hitmakers were devastated when their bandmate, Stephen Gately, died from natural causes in 2009, and confessed that the music industry is a ''hard road to follow''.

Lynch said: ''There is a reason there are so many alcoholics and druggies in this industry. If it is your dream, you love, your talent, then definitely follow that road. But it's a hard road.''