Ronda Rousey will ''totally go'' to the Marine Corps Ball on the arm of US Marine Jarrod Haschert.

The UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion has accepted the invitation to be the Lance Corporal's date after he decided to take a chance and posted a video on Facebook that went viral - with over five million views - asking her to the event which will take place in Carolina this December.

In the video addressed to Ronda, he said: ''You are my celebrity crush, like, I love everything you do and I think you are a phenomenal person. Which is why it would be my honour to take you to the Marine Corps Ball.''

In an interview with TMZ, Ronda has now stated she will attend the Ball with Jarrod, saying: ''Yeah I wanna go with you!''

Ronda, 28, only saw the video recently and initially she was unable to accept his invite because she was due to be in training camp for her title defence against Holly Holm but this fight has now been moved to November 14.

But now the bout has been rescheduled, she's totally up for the date with the ''cute'' corporal and wants TMZ to make an introduction between the pair so they can make it official.

She added: ''Actually I just saw it the other day. I saw screen shots of it before, and I was like 'I can't go anyway because I'm in camp,' but the fight got moved ... so actually I can go, but I don't know how to, like hit him up, and say, 'Yeah I wanna go with you!' I would go, yeah for sure. But I don't know how to like, do I call him? Or say do I set up a time and place, like in 'Never Been Kissed'? And like, just show up and have him waiting until the clock runs out and be like, 'I'm here!' ''

And Ronda hasn't ruled out romance, adding: ''He's cute! He's got to be a gentleman. You know, I'm not a first date kind of a girl. But I don't know, we'll see when I meet him.''

'The Expendables 3' star has also told Jarrod if he has any marine friends who need dates she'll arrange for her pals to go with them.

In the video interview she turned to her friends with her and said: ''Do you want me to try and get you guys dates? He needs to find dates for my girls, and then we'll all go!''

Ronda isn't the first celebrity to accept an invitation to Marine Corps Ball from service personnel.

In 2011, Sergeant Scott Moore of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qala, Afghanistan, attended the event with Mila Kunis after posting a video invitation and Justin Timberlake was present at the same party after agreeing to be Corporal Kelsey De Santis' date.